Moms Around the World Praise Seybat Apps Various Baby Sleeping Apps

Izmir, Turkey -- (SBWIRE) -- Based in Izmir, Turkey, developers at Seybat Apps© are now proud to announce that their sleeping apps for toddlers have now been downloaded more than 300,000 times collectively. Owned by Turkish tech-whiz Batuhan Gundogdu, the company focuses on creating apps that mothers can use to relax their babies and make them fall asleep faster. The company currently boasts three baby sleep apps in their repertoire, all of which have apparently received shining feedback from users.

Instant Baby Sleep: White Noise and Womb Sounds for Relaxation of Babies was the first baby sleep app developed by the company. Garnering over 200,000 downloads single-handedly and becoming one of the top-10 health and fitness apps in over 16 countries, Instant Baby Sleep prompted the development of its two following counterparts.

"This worked great for my 4month old. She even sleeps without being rocked anymore now. I put the airplane noise because when we went on our first family trip, She fell asleep the whole 4 hour flight," states an app user in her iTunes review.

Instant Baby Sleep includes various white noise baby relaxing sounds including womb sounds; these sounds have been proven to reduce stress in babies and help them fall asleep faster. Other offerings from Seybat Apps© include Instant Baby Dream: Lullaby and Sleeping Sounds and Instant Baby Sleep Bouzouki for Colic Babies.

While Instant Baby Dream boasts a collection of soothing lullabies for babies along with a 3 hour lullaby mix, Instant Baby Sleep Bouzouki is stated to have been especially designed for colic babies. Developers at Seybat Apps© have reportedly worked with professional bouzouki artists over an extensive period of time to specifically develop rhythmic sounds that help sooth colic babies. The app comes with three different white noise and high-quality womb sound settings that have unique Bouzouki rhythms in the background; these sounds have been proven to help colic babies stop crying, relax and fall asleep easily.

More details about the apps and their features can be seen on iTunes. All three of the apps can be downloaded free, with premium sound features that are available with in-app purchases.

A spokesperson for the company made an official statement for the press to announce the achievement "Here at Seybat Apps©, we are proud to announce that our baby health apps have now been downloaded over 300,000 times, which is big milestone for our company. With lots of research and development, we have been able to create innovative sound apps that are beneficial for parents and babies both."

The spokesperson further added to his statement "Our apps include an array of baby relaxing sounds and rhythms that are also known to reduce stress in parents. We urge parents to try our innovative baby apps that are unlike anything else on the market today."

More details about Seybat Apps and their baby sleep apps can be seen on the company's official iTunes page.


Address: Izmir/Turkey

Phone: +90 554 200 74 25


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Babies start crawling between 8 and 12 months. Best thing for the little crawlers is to let them go barefoot. Doing so allows them to have full contact between their skin and the ground, helping them gain a better understanding of balance and flexibility. Shoes and socks at this stage can restrict their motor development. Ill-fitting ones can also have detrimental effects on their feet.
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Hello Parents and friends. I just discovered an amazing parenting site, 

Let me share with you, how Steve Heckman, Founder of Toddleroll came up with this awesome site. here is his amazing story...

One summer day when walking through my morning routine of loading up my daughter in her car seat, I found that her most recent paper towel roll was torn to shreds.  This wasn't uncommon.  She loves playing with them and teething was amongst us, so I figured it was time to do the safe thing and go onto Amazon and order a rubber paper towel roll.

You see, because if you have a child who is slightly stubborn like my daughter, they'd rather bite/play with something that's NOT a toy.  Allison loves the paper towel rolls....what else can you bang together, yell through, and chew??  It's the complete toy. Well....nothing found remotely like this on Amazon, or Babies R Us, or anywhere.

​One thing lead to another, and here we are with .  The toy that's NOT a toy.  :)
- Steve Heckman, Founder, Toddleroll

 Engineering the Excellence

​The crafting of Toddleroll is sophisticated, to net a safe, amazing product for your little one.  Goodbye drool-laden paper.
   -Teether ring, located on either end of the roll, designed for optimal gum comfort.
   -Whirl grip surrounds the roll, promoting strong grip with your little tot
   -Peek through the hole with your little one, who loves this as a toy just as well.
   -Squawk into
Toddleroll, or knock em together, for the hollow sound children can't get enough of.

Safety is paramount
- 100% pure food grade silicone, as used with some popular baby toys and cookware.
- Patented 1-piece safety standard.  (Necklaces or 2/3 piece teethers pose breakage hazard)
- BPA,/Lead,/Phtalate,/Metal,/PVC- free
- Diswasher-safe
- Hypoallergenic
- Freezes nicely to chill the gums
- Steams well for cleaning
- USA laboratory-tested, meeting Consumer Protection Safety Commission standards

Product Reviews:

I bought these after seeing the ad show up on my news feed. I have a 13 month old who has a heard time with teething and watch a 15 month old who mouths everything. So they would each have one I bought the double pack. They like playing with them and chewing on them while they play. I think they would have enjoyed them much more if they were younger babies. But they still find them and chew on them throughout the day. The best part is they are so easily washable and they travel so well. Just roll them up and stick it in the bag and you have it with you wherever you go. I will definitely be recommending these to new moms!

Dacia Marker

I got mine when my son was 3 months old, I love the weight he was able to grip it and hold on to it whenever he needed it, at the age of 3 that was amazing, I keep it in my diaper bag, it's very easy to carry it don't take up space, he is 9 months now and still uses it all the time. I am loving it.

Cornelia Thomas 

We have had our Toddleroll since before Christmas. My 8 month old now loves chewing on it. My 10 and 7 year old love just playing with it. It is very well made and you would be amazed how well it folds up, cleans off and the baby loves chewing on it.

Angela Vanderbrook


Nail Snail: 3-in-1 Baby Nail Trimmer Tool

Introducing the Nail Snail: 3-in-1 Baby Nail Trimmer Tool
Looking at your baby's tiny, beautiful hands you can truly imagine the precious memories those little fingers will create as they begin to grow. Therefore, when it comes to caring for your child, having the right tool is a must and this is where the Nail Snail comes in!

Can you imagine one tool that gently trims your baby's finger and toenails, files and smooths while cleaning under nails painlessly? Well believe it as this is the real deal with the Nail Snail.

It is safe and painless for little fingers and toes
How many times have you chased your child around the house after they hideaway at seeing the traditional, scary, old nail clippers? This tool is so innovative and especially designed to be painless so it can even be used on newborn babies without any fear of injury.

The Nail Snail has a safety guard that stops damage to the surrounding skin and fingers and has an extremely safe anti-choking design. Now that's the best news for parents as there is often great fear that a child would swallow a traditional, small, narrow-shaped nail clipper.

It possess an innovative V-shaped blade that makes cutting easy
Many times as parents our main aim while cutting our children's nails is to get it done quickly and as safely as possible while they wriggle about but sometimes this can lead to minor accidents. But with Nail Snail's patented, multi-directional, v-shaped blade, parents are able to see exactly what they are cutting minimizing harm as compared to traditional clippers and scissors. It also has a large ergonomic, easy-grip, rubber handle that maximizes control and trimming efficiency. There is also its pointed tail that gently and thoroughly cleans under nails.

Perfect baby shower gift
The Nail Snail can be seen as the perfect baby shower gift as it is an often-overlooked necessity and is gender neutral. It is also suitable for newborn babies, toddlers and children. It has no batteries or noisy moving parts to startle your baby and this will ensure calmness at having the work done quickly and properly.

The tool is made from high quality medical-grade stainless steel and can be cleaned in the dishwasher or warm soapy water. Its appealing cute snail shape will have both parent and child falling in love with it while nail-clipping time becomes bonding time, as there is comfort with no fear of hurting your precious baby.

Buy the Nail Snail today to ensure that your child is in 100% comfortable when you are cutting their precious little nails.

About the Inventor:

Contact Info:
Company: Christie & Christie
Product: Nail Snail
Phone number: +61 0421860045
Address: C & C, PO Box 101, Banora Point, NSW, Australia 2486
Facebook: Nail Snail Baby
Instagram: @nail_snail_baby
Pinterest: nail_snail_baby

Just connect with Julia Christie 

Fridge Magnets Animals - "ZOO"

Magnets for kids "ZOO" is a great game, which not only entertain but provide your kid with new knowledge and skills. There are 29 refrigerator soft Magnets for development and for study in the box. Bright and beautiful magnet figures of the animals catch fancy for any kid. They will involve your kid into a game and teach to define colors, names of the animals, provide the first idea of amount and count. “Studying by playing games” – the motto of magnetism for "ZOO". Play together, tell them about the animals, show the animals contained in the set, define their colors, and the sounds they produce. You will not even notice how fast and easy your kid will acquire knowledge: begin to find and choose a giraffe, crocodile or elephant, point green or blue color. The kids – are like a sponge, they “absorb” everything they see and hear. Give them the necessary and useful information by means of functional toys. The authors of Magnets for Baby have taken care of our kids, conducted many tests and created reliable and high-quality toys. They are made from EVA-material, which is non toxic and absolutely safe.

What New Moms should know

When a baby is in a mother's womb there is high expectation, everyone is looking forward to the birth of a bundle of joy. But for the mother who has to go through labor pains or a C-Section, she can feel much more than exhausted for a long time after the baby is born. As she is the only one who has to deal with sore nipples, when she breast feeds, swollen breasts at times, an over sized waistline and other abnormalities.
It is much harder for mothers to deal with these changes when the father of the baby is not supportive, and there are no friends and relatives around who understands the way women feel after they give birth for the first time.
Mother's will even end up feeling as if they don't love their baby, when they start thinking of the many things they will not be able to do anymore, because of the baby who needs all the attention they can give and more. It is not easy to go from being a carefree individual, who is able to go anywhere and do anything they feel like doing, to one that has such a huge responsibility in a day. And when friends and relatives are not supportive a mother can end up feeling depressed. 
It is not easy to deal with a baby who cries for every want and need (as crying is the only way in which a baby communicates)  This is even harder to deal with in the first 6 weeks of the baby's life, as the mother has a lot of adjustment to make. She has to develop new sleeping patterns and there is hardly anything in this world that is more exhausting than taking care of a newborn when you feel as if you are in need of care also. When they cry and you try to do all you can to make them feel better, but they won't stop crying. Life can be very stressful and all a young mother will want to do is cry and feel sorry for herself.
Many mothers have felt depressed after they have given birth to a child, as they wonder if their bodies will ever look the way it looked before they got pregnant. They worry about their breasts and wonder how they will look after the end of breast feeding, they also worry about their waistline and what they will need to do to get back in shape. 
Dealing with Postpartum Psychosis syndrome can be another problem that women face after they have given birth and this should be treated by professionals, as some women have been known to harm their child during their illness. So relatives and friends should pay close attention to women who give birth. 
And it would be nice if there were people around to tell mothers with new born babies, that things will get better. And this baby that just eats and poops, will start talking and walking and say things that you will laugh about. They will make you forget about the sad times as they quickly develop and become independent. Soon they will even want to tell you what you should be doing, as they become special individuals and make you proud. 
Remember when you see the proud mothers who attend graduations and weddings, they all went through the things mothers go through for the first few weeks of a baby’s life, and they made it. So every mother can hang in there and make it through the rough days, until their baby grows up and make them proud.
Friends and relatives should always be supportive, so they can help mothers in these times. They should never say anything that will cause a mother to feel as if she will never make it through these tough times. And she is being a terrible mother, and they should also encourage the baby’s father to do all he can for his family, in these testing times. 

What You Should Know About the Life of a New Mom
BY  Nguyen Kinh Luan

4 Handmade Gifts to Purchase for Your Little Prince or Princess this Christmas

Buying something handmade for your little prince or princess is a really unique, individual and great way to get them a gift you can be sure they will not have, and one that no one else will have thought to give them.

That said, it is super important when looking to buy handmade gifts to think very carefully about safety, and to be clear as to what is and what is not safe to give to children of different ages. This is especially true when buying handmade items and gifts as a number of those advertised or sold will not unfortunately have been tested or approved for kids. Not only does this mean a gift given with love could actually be potentially dangerous, it could also make it impossible to know what age range a specific gift might be appropriate for.

Then, and ahead of getting shopping, it is well worth first heading over to the UK Toys Advice website and familiarising yourself with the laws surrounding children’s toys, products and safety. You can also find the UK Toy Regulations in full via the Gov.UK website. Meanwhile, here are four ideas provided by companies and creators who hand make children’s toys, furniture and games and which are all safe for your little princes and princess to enjoy.

1. Wooden Toys...of Just About Every Kind
Traditional, handmade wooden toys (whether a festive nutcracker, rocking horse, building blocks or something else entirely) make fantastic gifts for a number of reasons:
· they are sturdy.
· they look fantastic and consequently make great features in any nursery or bedroom as well as serving a function.
· they can be painted or personalised
· they can often be easily repaired

Perhaps one of the best things about gifting traditional wooden toys though is that in almost all cases they do not require batteries. This make wooden toys a fantastically cost effective, energy saving and eco-friendly option (provided you purchase your wooden toys via an ethically minded and established UK toy maker) when it comes to getting the perfect gift.

Making non-battery powered or assisted toys also opens up a whole world of potential for any expert toy maker who specialises in wooden toys will as they will as such take full advantage of the huge scope using wood provides – from creating non-peddle bikes to dolls houses to furniture items.

Then, and to discover such a toy maker based here in the UK and get exploring the wonderful world of wooden toys, head over to the Robroy Wooden Toys website. Creating and selling toys for toddlers up, Robroy Wooden toys also makes personalised wooden toys, play furniture and some truly magical wooden railways and puzzles that make ideal and educational Christmas gifts for any child.

2. Ethically Handcrafted Fair trade Dolls
Whilst this option is not one that is made in the UK, the dolls created by Lanka Kade UK are all designed in the UK which enables the Lanka Kade team to ensure that their Sri Lanka made rag dolls are not only crafted to the highest quality but that they are most importantly safe to give to and be played with by little ones. Further, there is good reason why these dolls are not made here in the UK.

Lanka Kade is a dedicated and registered Fair Trade company which designs here in the UK, but then entrusts its Sri Lanka based doll making artisans to realise their designs because the company in turn uses the profits generated by sales of their handmade toys to benefit disadvantaged children living in Sri Lanka. Hence, a Lanka Kade is not only a brilliantly unique alternative to a mass produced and plastic doll to give for Christmas 2016, but ensures that every doll given has a real heart and arrives with its own unique story.

Finally, being an ethically minded company, the rag dolls it creates are as such conscientiously made making finding a gorgeous doll of every race, gender and look possible and in turn introducing children from a young age to ideas of race and celebrating the multicultural world in which we live today whilst simultaneously celebrating the toy traditions also enjoyed here in Britain.

3. Why Teepees Make the Ultimate Dens...and Where to Find the Ultimate Teepee
Reclaim your dining table and chairs from their fort, fairy castle or den by re-housing your brood rather than simply evicting them. Not only will this save on the tears it will also provide the kids with their very own handmade, unique and totally magical place to retreat to, and as such is likely to also provide the grownups with some (in all likelihood) mush appreciated and well-earned respite.

Specifically, a teepee makes a fantastic den for the very same reason that they were first ever devised:
· they require minimum set up
· they require minimal materials to be made
· being made of soft fabrics enables them to easily feature colourful, diverse and vivid designs
· they are difficult for children to bump or injure themselves on or whilst using
· they can be quickly and easily assembled, and disassembled
· they are easy to store
· they take up a very little amount of space when not in use

Of course, not every kid is crazy about being an Indian though (after all, princes and princess live in castles not tents). Fortunately, UK based company, Just for Tiny People, realising this hand make a range of child-safe teepees that are themed to suit kids’ every whim – whether your little person requires a castle complete with its own dragon, fairy or princess themed retreat, pirate ship or perhaps (and why not) wants their own Christmas grotto to retire to along with their haul of gifts come Christmas day.

So, rather than disappoint a kid with a standard teepee or try to get creative with making one yourself, just give the Just for Tiny People Handmade Teepee range a browse through and see if you can’t find the perfect ready-made den, no matter how imaginative your kid is; the Just for Tiny People teepee making team are about as creative as it gets when it comes to den making and designing. Don’t believe us? See for yourself!

4. Traditional English Handmade Teddy Bears
There is nothing more British or more lovely than gifting a child or baby a handmade teddy bear at Christmas.

A gift that often travels and journeys through childhood with its recipient and might even end up moving on with to university and beyond, it is consequently important when gifting the little prince or princess in your family with a teddy bear that it is one which will and can stand up to the trials of childhood.

Then, it is also worth turning to a specialist teddy bear such as UK based Merry Thought when looking for such a bear. Merry Thought’s traditional, characterful and instantly recognisable bears have been popular and much loved by thousands of kids already and can also be personalised the name of their recipient or perhaps with a name of their very own. The choice is yours, as is the decision whether to opt to buy one of their more traditional bears or instead perhaps opt to purchase their colourful Humpty Dumpty plush, a Matilda Mouse or even green hippopotamus.

Alternatively, for those looking to spend a little less or simply involve their little prince or princess in the very making of their bear or plush, why not take them to a Build a Bear workshop and let them create their own? Good luck prying the finished creation from their little hands for those hoping to wrap up and give their teddy to its intended recipient though!